We believe today’s Passive & High performance homes demand a reliable, robust, air tight, high thermal performance building envelope, which drives energy-efficiency, prevents heat loss, eliminates thermal bridging and controls solar gain over their lifetime.

These criteria are key performance factors in achieving a Passive home, minimising energy running costs and reducing carbon emissions for any home, while maximising your homes energy efficiency and comfort levels.

As a company Passive Plus Homes posses the staff and expertise to help you achieve your dream of building your own Energy Efficient home, we have already helped thousands of people complete the building of their dream home, from those wishing to build an A rated Home to those clients interested in building a Passive home.
Whether it is a Turnkey or a Self build project you will be assured that the same approach, processes, quality and attention to detail will ensure you get the home you’ve been dreaming of.

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Design and Build includes Planning permission application full set of construction drawings upon obtaining permission, contact us for a quotation fee includes.
Passive House Design 100%
Timberframe 100%
Insulation 100%
Air Tightness 100%
“The Green Build Centre was recommended to me by a friend. I found them extremely informative, explaining the procedure step by step and all options available. From the initial discussion through to planning and construction the team were extremely professional, friendly and approachable. They were always willing to answer any queries, no matter how trivial. For anyone who wants a professional, friendly service I would not hesitate to recommend The Green Build Centre.”
Tim Moriarty, Tralee, Kerry
“….working in the building trade for many years, we approached G.B.C. for a quotation, they worked out my requirement’s and delivered the house to site, it all worked out perfectly for me and my family. G..B. C. called to the site to check all was in order, very easy to do business with them. Many thanks.”
David P Boland, Kildorrerry, Co Cork
“I found Green Build Centre to be extremely helpful & professional throughout my dealings with them during the construction of my timber framed house. I was very happy with the finished product on site which was to a very high standard”
Brendan Royanne, Glanmire, Cork
“….we wanted to rebuild our family holiday home which had fallen into disrepair, the location was awkward and access to the site was difficult but Green Build Timber Frame provided me with the perfect solution…. I was attracted by the levels of insulation they were offering…. I now have the nice warm comfortable holiday home that I wanted for myself and my grand kids to enjoy…. to anyone considering building I recommend using Green Build Timber Frame ….”
M. Murphy, Crosshaven, Co.Cork
“On behalf of myself and my fiance, I would like to thank and congratulate Green Build for their speed of delivery, excellent workmanship and competitve price.  We are delighted with our timber frame home.  All of the staff we dealt with were most helpful and very professional.  I would highly recommend Green Build to anyone thinking of bulding a timber frame house.”
Nicola Buckley , Dromina, Co.Cork
“We chose GBC to build our airtight timber frame house based on their ability and expertise to deliver a low energy house build at a competitive cost.  Not only did GBC deliver high quality workmanship combined with professionalism throughout the build process, they also dealt with our queries in a helpful, friendly and timely manner.  In addition, GBC adapted to changes from the original specification without fuss as the build progressed. “
Katherine Kelleher & Philip Crimmins , Castlelyons, Co.Cork
“Thanks again for the job, very pleased with the system and would be quick to suggest similar to others.”
Mark O Callaghan, Cobh, Co.Cork
“Thanks again for the job, very pleased with the system and would be quick to suggest similar to others.”
Katherine Kelleher & Philip Crimmins , Castlelyons, Co.Cork
“I contracted GBC to install a timber frame construction in an architecturally protected area of Cork City. From concept to completion the levels of service, value, adherence to time frames and knowledge has been unparalleled. After 3 previous projects and a self-build this was my first time using the GBC and i will recommend them without hesitation,  an exceptional level of performance and I look forward to working with Kevin, Joe and Mark again. “
Colum Hegarty , Monkstown, Cork
“We have found Green Build Centre to be dedicated to achieving the exacting Passive House Standard. They have performed their duties professionally and been responsive in every respect.  “
Art McCormack , MosArt Architects, Co. Wicklow.
“We had a fantastic experience with Green Build and we now live in our dream home which is of the highest ‘passive’ standard. All of the Green Build staff are very easy to deal with and we especially appreciated the way our build was project managed. Not a stone was left unturned (literally) and all of our needs were accommodated. We felt confident that we were dealing with experts who had our best interests at heart. The ‘after-care’ service from Green Build has also been first class and we would recommend the company to anyone. “
Aodh Quinlivan and Emmanuelle Schön-Quinlivan , Horn Hill, Kilmurry, County Cork.