Passive House Certification

Passive House CertificationTo achieve Passive House Certification ideally your house must be designed with this in mind or at least, with an existing design, to undergo the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) which will determine or map out the requirements for that house to achieve Passive Certification.

The outline of the process is that once the PHPP has been undertaken and meets the required criteria the house can be registered with the Passive House Institute. The Passive House Institute issues a checklist intended to make it easier for your building to achieve the Passive House Standard and potentially “Certified Passive House” status by outlining the most important steps in the process. It draws particular attention to the quality control that accompanies the construction of a Passive House.

Upon successful completion you will be entitled to a Passive House plaque, which, when affixed to the building, serves as a poignant indicator of the building’s quality.

At Passive + Homes we have successfully completed houses to Passive Certified standards, we provide a PHPP analysis prior to commencement of construction for an existing drawing or if your just starting we can sit down and design your home from the start. Design & Build